Exploring Through Creation

Sam Leaning

Hi. I’m Samuel Holloway. This is my personal blog.

I’m a guy who likes to build things with computers. My background is in software development and system design. I’m based in the midwest.

I spend the majority of my time solving enterprise scale problems. These often involve complex data flows, system integration, and scaling challenges.

My career has taken me in the direction of designing systems larger than what I can build on my own. This requires that I focus more on architecture and less on programming. That said, programming is my favorite pass time. I love it, so I strive to make time to code every day.

I wasn’t always a computer geek. A million years ago I started out pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. While working my way through college, I stumbled upon a Fortran class. That first introduction to writing software was confusing, overwhelming, but ultimately addictive.

It feels like anything is possible when writing software. A good developer is like an artist in the sense that they can create something of value from base materials. All hyperbole aside, programming is a creative act that has the potential to change the world. I love doing it.

Currently, I work for Salesforce as an architect. This blog is not associated with Salesforce and the ideas represented here are my own. At Salesforce I help customers achieve their business goals with technology. In my personal time I focus on writing and coding.

If you’re interested in my work or would like to contact me please see the links at the bottom of the page.

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