Samuel Holloway

Exploring Through Creation

Hi. I’m Samuel Holloway. People tend to call me Sam.

I’m a tech head. A guy who likes to build things with computers and occasionally with his hands. My background is in software development and delivery. I reside (doesn’t that sound fancy?) in the greater St. Louis area with my wife, two teenagers, and pair of dogs.

As far as IT guys go, I’m a bit of an odd duck. When it comes to technology I don’t have any favorites. Don’t get me wrong. I’m passionate about building IT systems and have opinions about which tools are better than others. It’s just that technology changes so fast I don’t see the point in getting too attached to any particular language, framework or platform. IT is cruel and has a short memory. What’s sexy today will be trash tomorrow.

Working with my hands is challenging in a fulfilling way. I wish I could do it more than I currently do. The majority of my time is spent working with information technology. I love programming so I try to make time for it every day. However, my career has taken me in the direction of designing systems larger than what I can build on my own.

Concerning programming, I’ve messed around more than I care to admit. In college I experimented with Python and fooled around with Perl. I had a committed relationship for a couple of years with C# and then C++, followed by a passionate affair with Ruby that left me heartbroken. I finally settled down and now have a happy relationship — albeit a love triangle — with Java and Node.js. Occasionally, I misbehave and fool around with Scala or Golang, but Java and Node are very understanding and always take me back.

In 2012 I made the transition from full time software developer to architect. In IT there are many types of architects. I have primarily focused on solution — or rather system design — and enterprise architecture. I’m passionate about my work as an architect. It has afforded me the opportunity to gain experience in multiple architectural styles. Of those I have been able to work with, my preference lies in:
* APIs, Microservices and Web Services in general
* Cloud Computing on AWS and Heroku
* Decentralized Systems
* Distributed Systems
* Event and Message Driven Architectures
* Server-less or Function as a Service (FaaS)
* Single Page Web Applications

I wasn’t always a computer geek. Originally I started out pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. During my college experience I was exposed to Fortran and got bit by the programming bug — no pun intended. When writing software, it feels like anything is possible. A good developer is like a god in the sense that they can create something from nothing. All hyperbole aside, programming is a creative act that has the potential to change the world. I love doing it.

Architecture is an extension of software development. It allows one to envision a machine that does not yet exist. The study of system architecture continues to excite me. Currently, I work for Salesforce. There I help customers with their architectural challenges. In my personal time I focus on writing and coding.

If you’re interested in my work or would like to contact me please see the links below.




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